Keep exchanging business cards – 2

Organizers: ROI and club Gramophone

With the kind support of:

Conception:For many people it is unusual to make friends with colleagues from other companies on the same market. For us it is more than obvious that it is better to know your competitors, than not to know them. And in the field of communication there are many companies which are subcontractors and provide similar services to the other companies. All that makes us feel that an event as KEEP EXCHANGING BUSINESS CARDS is a necessity for the whole industry. We were encouraged when we received the PR PRIZ 2004 in the category Special event for the first Business Cards Exchange Night. So we moved ahead and decided to make it a tradition – every year at the end of September to make our event.

The event: 5 October 2005, club Gramophone

The guests: More than 150 practitioners from all communication areas. And of course every one gives us an actual business card. That makes our network and our collection of business cars bigger.

We had a very special guest – Paul Mathieu, Senior Consultant at Fleishman Hillard Group.

What happen: Everybody has to exchange Business cards with the guests. This evening club Gramophone was totally full. So even those who just wanted to stay with their friends eventually got to know new people because it was overcrowded. And of course for the good mood there contributed Johnnie Walker and our friends working on the bar.
At the end of the event we made an election campaign for the Best Presenter with business card. Every guest could vote for their favourite. We asked all of the guests to write the name of the person who impressed them the most this evening. For some it was easy, other needed time to make their decision.

The Awards: We gave three awards.

The winner of the Big Prize was Milena Dimitrova from M3 Communication Group. She received a special discount for printing at our sponsor print factory – K1 Partners.

The Second place was for: Maria Popova, United Partners

The Third place was for: Eva Chirokova, PR of Subdibula.

Both winners were awarded the opportunity to print new business cards at K1 partners. All winners received a bookThe Future of Success, published by ROI Communication.

In fact the awards were more… Each guest of the event received a two months free subscription for

As real professionals after the event we sent an e-mail questionnaire. We were very happy that many of the guests answer and something more – we received a very helpful feed back with good recommendations for KEEP EXCHANGING BUSINESS CARDS –3!
We would like to say “Thank you” to all participants!

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