Autumn flea market for parents

Organizers: E-zine and PR agency ROI Communication
Date and place: 15.10.2002, 22 Secondary school in Sofia city
With kind assistance of: Sanofi Pasteur
Partner: RD Event Management Group

Conception: In the world flea markets are organized twice a year – in the spring and in the autumn. There the mothers offer everything which is still good looking, but is already small and useless for their kids. At the flea market they could buy fine cloths and toys at a good price. The practice in Bulgaria is friends’ families to exchange cloths and toys.

Our goals: to create tradition for flea markets and to gather donations for kids who suffered in the floods this summer and for the kids who by bad luck are orphans

85 people took part in the second flea market in Sofia

All cloths and toys for donation were given to House for kids without parents in city of Roman.

Media coverage: BTV, BNT, Evrokom, Retro radio, Horizont and Hristo Botev radio Publicity:,,,,,,,,,

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