About us

We are a boutique PR agency, the main capital of which is its people and its people’s ideas.

We are more than 20 years on the market, but we try more harder.

We are a small team, but each member is a perfect professional.

We are known on the market as the publisher of the best PR books.

We are now confident in our capability and we are ready to prove it.

We are

Dessislava Boshnakova Ph.D., Owner

She is one of the first people who have earned a degree in PR in Bulgaria. A PR professor at the New Bulgarian University and an author of numerous PR articles, She strongly believes that the knowledge of the theory significantly helps in the practice. She has taken part in founding the PR society in Bulgaria.

Feodor Boshnakov, Production & Development Manager

He is the person who transforms PR ideas in sound business solutions. For him the quality of the products and the services is a must. He always manages to achieve the best quality for the best price.