Spring Flea market for Parents

History of the event

Who: E-zine www.Az-Jenata.com and PR firm ROI Communication
When: 16.04.2005
Where: 22 Secondary school in Sofia city
What: Our intention was to bring together all parents, who had a lot of cloths and toys, that are not for their kids’ age yet. At the flea market every one could resell what is for selling and to buy at reasonable price stuff for the season. Or just to see what is going on.

How: All comers at the flea market could get registration online at www.az-jenata.com.

Why: Because our kids are growing fast and the fine cloths are getting useless. At the same time a lot of toys and other stuff became not for the age of our kids. Most of these things are almost new and can bring a smile to other kids.

And more: All participants donated money, cloths and toys, which we – the organizers – took to two houses for kids without parents. These two houses are: House for medical and social cares in Pernik city, where are living 60 kids from 0 to 5 years of age and House for caring and educating of kids, without parents care at Trun city, where are living 23 kids from 7 to 18 years of age.

Our Idea was supported by: Coca-Cola, www.mail.bg, www.bgmaps.com, Vestnik za jenata, Red Devils Catering, Egida Sofia

The results:
More that 120 people get their registration at the web site www.az-jenata.com.
More that 80 people took part in the flea market.
The financial donations were for 174 Bulgarian leva.
Two trucks got to the Houses for kids – cloths, shoes, toys – all these things bring happiness to the kids at the Houses in Pernik and Trun.

7 TV station cover the event – Two national and 5 cable
2 Newspapers wrote about the Flea market
All participants get agree about the idea together to participate in the next Flea market and starting a tradition for the next years!

Archives: For more information about the event go to: http://www.az-jenata.com

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