In Here`s My Card, Bob Popyk shows how something as simple as your business card can help you make more sales, create more customers, and increase your business overall. He shows how to use those business cards with a little cleverness and creativity, and how to use them the right way. Networking smarts also help, as the author clearly points out. You also need a plan, specific goal in mind, and a little creativity as well. There are a raft of these ideas in this easy-to-read, easy-to-implement book.

This interesting book on personal promotion and networking is not as much about designing a card, but on how to use you business card to actually create more business. Exchanging or handing out business cards has become one of the most common forms of introduction, surpassed only by the handshake. As the author states, “If your business card makes the first impression, then shouldn`t it make a GREAT impression? Otherwise you can just write your name and phone number on the back of a napkin, toss it on a table and leave it at that. You might save a few bucks that way, but you could be losing a lot of new business, repeat business, and more business”.

The techniques highlighted in Here`s My Card have not only worked for the author, but are a compilation of great ideas from his columns, research from his staff, and input from his audiences at seminars and conventions all over the country.

About the Author:
Bob Popyk
is president of Bentley-Hall, Inc., a company specializing in sales and marketing strategies. He is a columnist for many monthly trade and business magazines and is a frequent television and radio talk show guest. Bob is also publisher of the Creative SellingR newsletter, which has subscribers all over the world. He works with many national retail and wholesale associations, and is one of todays most requested keynote speakers on networking, sales, and customer retention. Bob has also produced a number of books, along with industry-specific publications and videos that are distributed worldwide. He lives in Syracuse.