“Brilliant, bad, charming, irascible and totally off the wall – Paul Arden is an original with extraordinary drive and energy, blessed with a creative genius allied to kind of common sense that just isn`t, well, common”

Roger Kennedy, Saatchi & Saatchi

Paul Arden spent 14 years as the Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi. He was responsible for some of the UK`s most successful advertising campaigns – British Airways, Silk Cut, Anchor Butter, InterCity and Fuji. In 1993 he set up the film production company Arden Sutherland-Dodd. His first book sold over half a million copies. He has a weekly column in the Independent and recently opened a photographic gallery in his hometown, Petworth.

WHATEVER YOU THINK THINK THE OPPOSITE by Paul Arden, is a daring attack on the way we look at our work and our world. Instead of the usual boring advice, Paul Arden offers daring quips, aphorisms and paradoxes – all seeking to revise what we hold as our “common sense”. Whether you sell, manage or buy, Arden will inspire you with his original thinking, startling anecdotes, brilliant photographs and offbeat quotations from artists, scientists and philosophers.
WHATEVER YOU THINK THINK THE OPPOSITE will force a rupture in whatever it is you used to think – even if you didn`t know you thought it. And it will give you the confidence to take bigger risks and enjoy your work more than you can imagine.