Do you remember 1971?
Which is the most glaring event of that summer: The John Lennon’s song Imagine? Or July Morning?
Or the first landing on Mars?
In this book you will meet 71 persons, who will never forger 1971, because this is the year when they have been born. 71 persons, who have chosen to live and succeed in Bulgaria.
71 pages, 71 interviews, in which 71 persons talk about their experience 18 before and 18 years after 1989.
All of them may be, without knowing it, have followed the advice of Stanley Kubrick, Director of the movie “A Clockwork Orange”, which premiere is in 1971:
„It is necessary to have the right to choose between good and bad. You can choose the bad, but if we deny the right to choose, we make the human something less than human – Clockwork Orange”.

71 persons, who have made their choices and have turned themselves and the world around them in something much more that Clockwork Orange. For all routes, they have walks, they have brought and still bring in their hearts the faith that the best is still coming.

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