Conversations with Marketing Masters offers compelling insights into marketing today by gathering the collected wisdom of our era’s most influential thinkers, each of whom has given a structured interview to the authors. Covering a wide range of current issues and illustrating key concepts with real-world examples of success and failure, these conversations offer leading-edge thinking as a basis for shaping the marketing future.

Introducing the Marketing Masters…

 Philip Kotler
David Aaker
Jean-Claude Larreche
Regis McKenna
 Don Peppers
Martha Rogers
John Quelch
Al Ries
Don Schultz
Patricia Seybold
Jack Trout
Lester Wunderman

This book brings together the collected wisdom of the worlds most influential marketing gurus. Each has agreed to give a structured interview, based on a series of carefully designed questions to provide continuity and ensure that results provide new insights and reflections rather than a recycling of what the interviewee has previously said or written. Since the authors are both professional business writers, the finished interviews are sure to read smoothly, cogently and without jargon.

The interviews cover a wide range of key marketing issues as well as provide cutting edge thinking as a basis for shaping the future. It contains both general views and thoughts on where specific companies have taken the right and wrong approaches. The authors also explore why and how each interviewee came to realize the time was ripe for whatever concept they are now associated with for example Don Peppers and One-to-One Marketing, Seth Godin and Permissions Marketing, and Michael Willmott and Corporate Social Responsibility in marketing.

Authors information

Laura Mazur is a business writer and partner in Writers 4 Management, a professional writing firm. She has been a business journalist since 1978 and was editor of the UK’s Marketing magazine from 1986 to 1989. She has written for a range of publications, including a weekly column for Marketing magazine for five years, and is also the author of management guides on international marketing and communications published by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Financial Times Reports.

Since they formed Writers 4 Management in 2004, she and her business partner, Louella Miles, have worked with a range of organizations and individuals, including writing white papers, running writing training courses, and acting as ghost writers/editors on a number of books. An economics graduate of Smith College in the USA, she also has an MA from the University of London in Soviet studies.

Louella Miles is a business writer, and Laura’s partner in Writers 4 Management. She started in consumer journalism in 1976, with the Consumers’ Association, before moving over to business writing in 1980. She was managing editor of Marketing magazine through the mid to late 1980s. Her portfolio includes management reports on topics as diverse as corporate reputation and sponsorship, published by Management Today and International Marketing Reports respectively. She has also, for the past seven years, edited a weekly media newsletter, and produces a range of titles on qualitative research.