In the last two decades, use of PR has spread throughout the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. It has added new words and phrases to our language, and it has become recognized as an important modern aspect of management.
Everything You Should Know About Public Relations addresses the questions so often asked about PR, from the mundane to the complex. Ever more people wonder whether they need PR, maybe to: build their businesses, help sell products and services, develop their careers, make themselves known, gain acceptance, protect their reputations, generate interests in their causes, win understanding and support to secure a result, argue a case more effectively, fight their corner, avoid creating problems they could do without or make sure people are properly informed and consulted.
They require answers to questions that they frame within their own terms of reference and relate to what they particularly have in mind to achieve. And it can greatly help to have the answers to other people’s questions too.
Managers who still have little if any direct experience of using PR want to know what it could do for their operations, in terms that they can readily understand and relate too. This book offered here in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth way, based on a very firm theoretical and practical foundation. There are 501 questions, asked of the author in one form or another many times. They are answered briefly, succinctly and definitively to provide a fast-track grasp of the subject before either taking responsibility for PR.

About the author:
Anthony Davis is a writer, consultant and lecturer specializing in marketing and business communications. He has lectured extensively on PR and trained non-marketing managers and professionals in PR and marketing. He has created and operated successful PR programmes in the private and not-for-profit sectors and has advised numerous SMEs. An experienced broadcaster, Anthony contributes regularly to the business press and gives lectures, talks and workshops to numerous trade associations and business groups, at several universities and for various professional examinations.