From Wonderbra to McDonalds, from Harley-Davidson to Viagra, today`s world-leading companies and brands are using public relations to add power and persuasion to all of their marketing messages. Information, rather than salesmanship, builds credibility with sophisticated and skeptical consumers, and public relations, long viewed as the most trustworthy source of information about products and services and the companies that provide them, can effectively reach targets where other marketing communication tools fall short.

In Value-Added Public Relations, Thomas L. Harris, the industry-leading expert in marketing public relations (MPR), examines how and why public relations plays a critical role in integrated marketing and explains the many ways PR can add value to an integrated marketing communications (IMC) program. Harris analyzes the relationship between product- and corporate-brand building and, through dozens of case histories and examples, shows how some of the nation`s most successful marketers have used PR techniques to enhance all of their marketing messages. Among the book`s features is a comprehensive guide to writing an IMC plan including writing a situation analysis, setting objectives, developing a strategy, devising tactics, and then measuring results. Detailed descriptions of more than 50 effective PR tactics involving all media, including new technologies, are also included.

About the author:
Thomas L. Harris was named one of the “100 Most Influential Public Relations People of the 20th Century by PR Week magazine. He was formerly president, vice chairman and name partner of Golin/Harris International. Today, he is managing partner of Thomas L. Harris & Company, a public relations consultancy that serves corporations and public relations firms.