Jaakko Lehtonen describes publicity as an environment, in which are the hopes and expectation from the organizations. If an organization manages its publicity it has to respond to these hopes and expectation from the publics. This is a book about all risks, connected to working environment and management of publicity, and of course how we can master them properly. Each organization can benefits from publicity and get competitive advantage over competitors, can react only in case of emergency – for example one of its publics threaten the status quo, or to keep silence and ignoring the fact that each problem of organizations can be now a days publicly discussed. It is now a new concept, but it is really new in the context of publicity, that all alternatives, concerning the management of publicity, are in fact risks for the organization. The right decision can help achieving organizational goals, while the wrong decision can cause damage to the organization. This book is really easy to read, because all theoretical knowledge is illustrated with up to date examples from the leading European and Global organizations. In a word Jaakko Lehtonen outlines the ways – the core of strategic planning – by which each organization can reduce risks of publicity.

About the author:
Professor Jaakko Lehtonen
is a specialist in organizational communication and PR at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.