The phenominal marketing succes of such diverse products as Apple`s iPod, the Harry Potter books, the Toyota Prius, Sony`s Playstation 2, the “Star Wars” films, Botox and Viagra had one thing in common. They were all driven by public relations. Advertising was used later only to maintain the brands that PR had made a huge success. As traditional advertising loses its effectiveness, marketers are turning to marketing public relations to create excitement in the marketplace. In the twenty-first century, public relations has assumed an essential role in the marketing of goods and services, institutions and individuals, governments and non governmental organizations. MPR is moving into an explosive growth stage because companies increasingly recognize that mass advertising, especailly network advertising is prohibitively expensive and ineffective. This powerful new book delievers the tools to help marketing executives design successful strategies and tactics that maximize awareness, communicate product benefits dramatically and motivate consumers and business to business customers to act.

A book by Thomas L. Harris and Patricia T. Whalen. Thomas L. Harris is well knonw  by the Bulgarian readers with his book “Value Added PR”.