The Launch of The Bulgarian Edition of the Toyota Way

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Conception: As we all know the book industry is not in its best condition. On the Bulgarian market there are a lot of management books. So our idea was to make something different. We decided to give the media and business people the unique chance to meet the author in a friendly atmosphere and to create awareness about the Toyota Production System (TPS) between academic leaders. The whole event had the ultimate goal to present how TPS can be useful for everyone how is managing a company.

The event: 24 January 2005, place: hotel “Hilton”

The guests: Exactly 60 journalists and 50 business persons.

The events: The introduction of the Bulgarian edition of the book The Toyota Way was organized with the goal to create awareness about the book and to attract the attention of the Toyota Production Systems know as the Lean production. That Goal will be achieved by organizing a business brunch with journalists where the author will present personally its book. The business leaders will get the unique opportunity to participate in a business lunch where they will be able to hear one of the best consultants in Lean production Jeffrey Liker and to ask questions. Jeffrey K. Liker is the first ever person who share the Toyota management principles publicly, after studying Toyota from inside for 20 years.

The real event in pictures:

The guest’s arriving. Each of our guests received a welcome package with the book inside.

Jeffrey K. Liker, Ph.D. – the author, with Dessislava Boshnakova, from ROI Communication – the Bulgarian publisher of the book.

The two most wedded to the Toyota Way persons at the event – the author Jeffrey K. Liker and Sarantos Metaxopoulos, General manager of TM Auto Ltd.

The author Jeffrey K. Liker present its book The Toyota way in the presence of Bulgarian journalists.

Sarantos Metaxopoulos, General manager of TM Auto Ltd. says a few words about the Toyota way in Bulgaria before giving the words to Jeffrey K. Liker to introduce the Lean production principles in front of the Bulgarian Business leaders.

Each book is a nice source of joy and information. But a book signed by its author is a unique gain. Each of our guests has the opportunity to get dedication from Jeffrey K. Liker on the first page of its book.

The guest about the event:
We are waiting to see print & broadcast media reactions. At the following links you can see the online media opinions:

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