Keep exchanging business cards

ROI Communication, & print house Dedrax

Conception: It is difficult to present on the Bulgarian market a book, which author is not popular. For that reason the performance of the book “Here’s My Card” has the goal to create awareness and attract the attention of the opinion leaders in the business card sphere. But as we all know the business card is important, but more important is the person who gives the card. The performance intended to stimulate networking, to concentrate the attention over the business card as communication instrument and after that to say that there is a book about how to use your business card.

The event: 29 September 2004, place: club Gramophone

The guests: More than 80 advertising and PR practitioners and 10 journalists.

The awards: Award for the heaviest packet with old business cards.

Neno Nenov from MARC Communications received the awards – his packet with old business card was 1 kilo.
Award for the person, who has collect most business cards – has made most new contacts. Alexander Neev from Typo Print receive the awards with 17 business cards for 2 hours.

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