Keep exchanging business cards – 3

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Conception: For many people it is unusual to make friends with their colleagues from other companies on the same market. For us though it is clear that it is much better to know our rivals. And in the field of communication there are many companies that are subcontractors and provide services to other similar companies. An event such as EXCHANGING BUSINESS CARDS is a necessity for the whole industry. So we continued the tradition and the event took place for the third time in the beginning of October!

The event: 4 octobre 2006, club Gramophone

The guests: More than 180 participants from all communication areas. Naturally, as the tradition prescribes, every guest gave us an actual business card. So our collection of business cards grew significantly.

What happen: This year ROI Communication offered the guests an interesting game with cards and (business cards). Each of the invited had to draw a card at their arriving. The goal of the game was to group the people who possess cards of corresponding color. The guests had to collect the cards from deuce until ace but without repeating them. Our guests exchanged contacts and business cards with each other. For the good mood contributed Johnnie Walker and our friends from club Gramophone.
A winner in the game of ROI Communication was the group which was the first to unite.

The Awards: This time the awards were provided by us. All of the winners received a ticket for 25 percent of rebate when buying ROI Communication books!

During the meeting money was collected for our PR Factory project about the research of the image of the PR profession in Bulgaria. We would like to say “Thank you” again to everybody!

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