The new second Bulgarian edition of The Effective Public Relations is about to be released. It is the translated version of the ninth edition of  “the bible of public relations” and is updated and adapted to meet the needs of  today PR practitioners.

Scott Cutlip, Allen Center, Glen Broom The Effective Public Relations, first published in 1952, has completed half a century of defining public relations as a profession, schooling its practitioners, and serving as a reference for those in the calling. For many of those years this book has been viewed as “the bible of public relations,” often referred to as simply “Cutlip and Center”. The most authoritative and comprehensive reference available on public relations, this”bible” of the field explores boththe theory and practice of contemporary public relations. Covers the full range of topics — practitioners;organizational setting; historical origins; ethics andprofessionalism; legal considerations; communication and publicopinion; media and media relations; the management process (problemdefinition, planning and programming, taking action and communicating,and evaluating the program); business and industry; government andmilitary; non-profits, health care and education; trade associations,professional societies, and labor unions. This edition features newsections on ethics and professionalism; revised and updated materialon communication theory and public opinion; a focus on new mediatechnology, internal and external media, and media relations; and amore global perspective and more international examples. and most recently revised in 1994. It explains the basic concepts of the field and its conduct in various settings and the theory, principles, and processes that guide the practice. The treatment is intended as an introduction and preparation for more specialized courses on strategy and tactics for solving particular problems, writing and techniques, research, evaluation, and management.

About the authors:
Scott Cutlip
, APR, Fellow PRSA, died in 2000 at the age of 85. Cutlip introduced the study of public relations at the University of Wisconsin in 1946, and taught that subject and news editing there until 1974. In 1975, he went to the University of Georgia school (now college) of journalism and mass communication. He was appointed dean of the school in 1976, and served as dean until 1983, when he became a university professor until his retirement in 1985.
Allen Center is a Fellow PRSA, former Resident Lecturer at San Diego State University and former Vice Precident, Motorola, Inc. He is a very frequent lecturer at professional seminars and workshops, and active member of PRSA.
Glen Broom is Professor Emeritus in the School of Communication at San Diego State University in San Diego, California. He began his career as assistant extension editor as radio consultant with the U.S. Agency for International Development in Amman, Jordan. He moved to Chicago in 1968 to work full-time for a client of his fledgling public relations and advertising agency, Concept Productions. He served as vice president and director of public relations for Applied Behavioral Science, Inc. He left the company in 1972 to return to academe. Broom and SDSU colleague David M. Dozier co-authored Using Research in Public Relations.