In “Is Television discovered” prof. Vladimir Mihaylov propose brief history and theory of TV communication, but do not gives answer to the question which of the televisions in the different stages of its development is the real one. The main goal of the statement together with the research of TV stages, organizations, journalism, art, specification, audience and program is more likely to offers to those tempted by TV problems theorists, practitioners or simply curious people some food for thinking. The text is directed to those readers for whom thinking is always source of joy, as is said by the German philosopher Martin Heideger.

About the author:
Professor Vladimir Mihaylov
, Dr. Sc. research and lecture history, theory and critics of audio visual instruments for mass communications at New Bulgarian University, National Academy for theater and film arts, Institute of art science at Bulgarian Academy of Science, founder of Department of Mass Communication at New Bulgarian University. Professor Vladimir Mihaylov is chief editor of the magazine “Media world”.