Whatever you do need to do well, even if it is madness!

Honore de Balzac

Creativity is mostly in the re-organization of what we know, so we can understand what we do not know.

George Keller

Today someone sitting in the shade, because a long time ago someone planted a tree.

Warren Buffett

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The Boutique pr Agency

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Cooperation with Desi Boshnakova interaction with rare, insightful, deeper understanding of the concerns you, man. Meetings with her provocative and awaken desire to improve communication, both corporate and interpersonal.             

ROI is distinguished by the nature of Desi:             

Combining patience, consistency, diligence, emotion and composure in making quick decisions.             

Feeling that work with a specialist possessing a thorough knowledge of PR and striving ethical principle and apply them in practice, giving you the confidence that you need to move on.

         ul. Korab Mountain 27A
         1407 Sofia         

Tel: +359 (2) 961 59 71