Special event for the authority in Special event
Special event for the authority in Special event

Organizers: ROI Communication and Red Devil Event Management Group

The Goal: To make a Special event for the launch of the book Special Events. Special guests of the event were Dr. Joe Goldblatt and his wife Nancy. The truth is that it is not so easy to make an event for the leading authority in the Global Event Management.

The academic event: As a university professor Dr. Joe Goldblatt gave a lecture for the students at the New Bulgarian University. As always he conquered the hearts of all of them.

The Launch of the book Special Events:

Surprise 1: We wanted to surprise Dr. Joe Goldblatt. So we offered to him to be dressed in Bulgarian National costume. It was a full hit!

Surprise 2: We had to surprise our guests who are all part of the event industry. We chose an unusual location – the Diplomats’ club Boyana. It was a full hit!








Surprise 3: We had to surprise our guests from the beginning of the event. Dr. Joe Goldblatt welcomed everybody dressed in Bulgarian National costume, with the words: “Tzeluni me, obicham te!” (Kiss me, I love you). All this happened to the accompaniment of Bulgarian bagpipe live music. It was a full hit and all the guests entered the room with a big smile.

Surprise 4: Dr. Joe Goldblatt made a speech outside in the perfect atmosphere of the garden. Fotunately the weather was perfect. Another full hit!





The food

Surprise 5: The food – traditional Bulgarian cuisine –was prepared live. And this time the hit was strawberries with chocolate!




Surprise 6: At the opposite site – Traditional Japanese cuisine sushi – again prepared live. Full hit!




Special gift: Our gift for the guests was the opportunity for everyone to spend some time with Dr. Joe Goldblatt and to take an autograph on his/her book. That is the way to make the book even more Special.




Surprise 7: Another full hit and the magic of the so popular Polaroid camera!

Our great honour: But our big gift was the evaluation of our event from Dr. Joe Goldblatt. He told us: Thank you for the fabulous event for the launch of the book! We are sure that after reading Dr. Joe Goldblatt’s book it will be easy for all of you to make wonderful special events.

Enjoy the book, as its author enjoyed our event!